“Katrina is an engaging and knowledgeable speaker. Her insights into the role that education can play in developing healthy relationships, respectful attitudes towards sexuality and sexual consent among young people, are both timely and prescient. Katrina’s professional background, training, and depth of experience make her a unique and authoritative voice in this sphere. She encouraged our staff to understand and respond to the importance of instilling the values and practices of safe and respectful relationships, particularly with women, in our students. We applaud Katrina’s expertise and passionate voice in the space of sex education.”

Dr Paul Hine, Principal of Saint Ignatius’ College, Riverview

“Katrina was a powerful and motivating voice for our cohort of young, student leaders. She empowered her audience to contribute to an ongoing dialogue about how young people can be a voice for positive change in sex education and positive sex culture. The students left the talk keen to engage deeper with this important topic.”

James Hardiman, Dean of St Hilda’s College University of Melbourne

“Marson provides a voice of reason in this unnecessarily hyperbolic debate. The clarity of her research and communication gives me hope that eventually young people will get the education they deserve.”

Bri Lee, Author and Freelance Writer

“When it comes to the issue of sex and relationships education and the prevention of sexual violence, Katrina Marson has 360 vision, having worked as a sexual offences prosecutor, a sex and ethics educator and researcher. She is the go-to voice on the subject, her expertise and depth of subject-matter knowledge stand her apart from the pack.”

Nina Funnell, Multi-Walkley Award Winning Journalist and Let Her Speak Campaign Creator